Do you honour your parents?
Bikram Vohra (Life), 27th October 2011, Khaleej Times, U.A.E.


Last month, an article by Bikram Vohra (Editorial Advisor, Khaleej Times) caught my interest to say a hundred more lines on the meaning of it.  Bikram Vohra illustrates his piece by the opening line:  Do you honour your parents?  I think, the question cannot be compressed or expanded in a better way to deliver the visible impression.  The entire content of Bikram Vohra’s discourse reflects, majorly, the grim reality of parents being ill-treated by their errant sons, daughters.  He quotes two examples: ‘A senior officer’s daughter threw her parents out of their house claiming it while they were on vacation.  She justified her actions by saying she needed it more.’


In the second real-life- instance: ‘A 78-year-old man sought the permission of the courts to kill himself because he was sick and tired of being sent from one family to another like he was a postcard.  The courts denied him permission.  He petitioned the media to help him die with dignity’.


In my own dimensions of thinking, I wrote on ‘parenthood’ in 2010.  My prose-piece, A Time to Ponder, defends the position of: What are the rights children have over their parents versus parents’ basic expectations.  Please read on… A Time to Ponder.


Geeta Chhabra


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