A Real Incident
(This message can save a life)

The Scene:
This is a real incident that happened in a local hospital in Bangalore, India. A 4 year old girl was admitted due to leg fracture. As it was an open fracture, she had to undergo an operation to stitch the protruding bone, back in place. Though it was quite a minor operation, she was hooked on to life support system, as a part of the medical process.

The doctors had to input some data prior to the operation to suit different conditions. Thereafter, the operation proceeded. Half way through the process, the life support system suddenly went dead.
The Culprit:
Someone was using his/her mobile outside the operation theatre, and the frequency had affected the system. The hospital authorities tried to track the person, but to no avail. The little girl, young and innocent as she was, died soon after.
Last Word:
Be compassionate. Be vigilant.  Do not use your mobiles, especially, at any hospitals or within the aircraft on flight, or any places where you are told not to use them. You might not be caught in the act, but you might have killed someone without knowledge.

Please send this to all your contacts and help save a life.


Geeta Chhabra


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