Measure of Success

How have the seasons of Christmas been for you?  The quickest way to think of Christmas is to form images of bells and Jesus’s crib.  Public spaces hang out flashy stars and glowing lantern.  Christmas is about spending time together with your family and friends.  It seems like a darling way when everyone feels prosperous in giving gifts!  Christmas trees hold the highest value – children and adults fantastically link the decorated trees with the everlasting tale of Santa Claus.  Jingle Bells, Silent Night, do the best job in musical compositions – be it on the church’s organ or a live concert in a hotel; the timeless carols simply give you a vigour to produce a positive feedback within you as every group contributes to sing together.


The central point here is that society as a whole wants to maintain the fair reputation of man as a social animal.  All of us want to remain in a state of bonding and caring for each other; we know the chances of our survival greatly improve by remaining with the ‘herd’.  The panic at our end is when we see meaningful relationships failing, collapsing.  The greatest measure of success is not only in knowing, but in realizing and taking action to stop the fall, collapse of meaningful relationships.  There are innumerable merits in doing so.


As for me, Christmas in its overall essence is much more than bells and stars and lanterns!  And there were many reasons for that.  I will always wish the same for my dear readers.


Geeta Chhabra


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