The Advanced Truth
(Between Parents & Children)

For every relationship there is a reality. 


Surely, it’s got to be a two-way-communication between parents and children.  A word of practical thought.  This is an advanced truth: our children can make us subjects of experiments.  Let us never feel nervous or hopeless at the knowledge of this. Neither is it the height of folly to learn when it is already too late, because it is never too late! 


Instead of being latent, every parent must have the capacity to learn new lessons, following his own leadership qualities.  No two siblings are alike, we all know that.  Therefore, it is wisdom on the part of parents to carry out a searching analysis on their children, individually.  Trusting our children is a grace; nothing should distract us from the rooted advantage of providing them with safety nets.  However, trusting a child with everything (including a kind of overgrown freedom) is as much a fault as trusting no one.


One more thing, please, don’t feed your denial!


Geeta Chhabra


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