Many Names of God

Some call on the Lord, “Rama”, some cry “Khuda”.  Some bow to Him as Gosain, some as Allah; He is called the Ground of Grounds and also The Bountiful, The Compassionate One and Gracious… says Nanak, whoever realizes the will of the Lord, he will find out the Lord’s secrets!

                                                                                      Adi Granth, Ramkali


Beautiful! All great saints were believers of One God.  All their groundwork or ‘tapasya’ was directed to the One and Only – The Ultimate Supreme.  They faithfully worked and preached on these principals.  In knowing this, my thoughts remain lubricated, awarding me to write poems amongst other bounties.  Here is a sample of my expression of fervent love for Him.


O God, my mind is fascinated with Thy lotus feet as the bumble-bee with the flower; night and day I thirst for them –
Guru Nanak


How shall I come to You,
My Lord,
With garlands of marigolds and jasmines
In my hands?
But You are Spring,
Returning colours more radiant
Than a thousand garlands
In my hands!


How shall I approach You,
My Lord,
Then, with head bowed low in prayer,
Like before?
Let my cause of devotion prevail:
Your name on my lips remains,
Even when my body
From my soul has gone.


Nanak – A renowned Indian saint who lived between 1469 – 1539.


From the book: No Journey Ends by Geeta Chhabra

Geeta Chhabra


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