The Moving Miracles

Do you remember the view of a spectacular sunset?  When did you last see the yellow moon wandering in the clouds?  The same way, how often have you experienced gazing at the stars that come up like a crop of jewels, almost every night? One guesses, there is hardly any time we are reserving for ourselves amidst our duties and the clamour of existence: to heartily enjoy the clear marvels of God.


In this world’s vastness, the best and the most beautiful things are free! Can you barter for a sunrise?  We go by our windows without noticing the sky has changed its colour.  It may well be a hit-or-miss chance to spot an extravagant rainbow!  On the sand dunes, I have heard the wild wind blowing whistles in different notes and at the wind’s feet, the sand is thriving openly – making patterns of drifting waves.  What a sight!


The possibilities are endless to enjoy the most glorious settings of God; what is involved in the very process of enjoyment is – how well we get involved.  The connection between the way we ‘look’ at the scene, and the way we ‘think’ about it will contribute the true meaning of direct description: which is the ‘feeling’.


In the natural order of: look-think-feel, I come to the subject of miracles, here. “Beta, remember, miracles are of many kinds and they move in different ways.”  My mother would rush forward and say this so often to me that with some internal pleasure I began absorbing those words, in my second and third thoughts. 


Today, while I retain a separate identity, I find my mother’s words exactly true, and they seep into my innermost self, stronger than before; her words make me tick again and again.  Yes, yes – miracles are of many kinds and they move in many ways. I run into a miracle each time, I am seeing different faces of: Mother Nature.  The pitter patter of rain; the song of birds; the sight of a quiet brook; the colours of every season – all these – are they not enough evidences of the Maker’s miracles! 

Geeta Chhabra


Beta  - Child (in the Punjabi language).

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