The Flow

I am always reminding myself is that to enjoy life, I must enjoy the “present” moment.


Having a cup of tea, coffee?  Reading a book?  Enjoy the present moment.  No point, rambling and drifting, in a restless manner to identify the next activity which is due.  Collect the aroma dwelling in the cup.  Taste the brew. Relax.  Relieve all tension!   Enjoy the present moment. 


Go, go with the flow of the book.  Make a partnership with the author.  Plunge into the plot!  Enjoy the present moment. 


Don’t be a slave of negative thinking.  Don’t make unnecessary hectic mental-notes of the coming hours.  This is a burdensome habit and likely to sap your energy.  Enjoy the present moment.  If cultivated, this approach can become a wonderful recreation….


Geeta Chhabra



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