How To Destroy A Bad Temper

Step I


  1. “Realize” that you have: A Bad Temper.
  2. “Conclude” that you have to destroy your:  Bad Temper.


The moment you have made up your mind to “realize” and “conclude,” you have won half the battle.  The realization will automatically propel you towards the winning-goal.


Step II


  1. Remember:  Bad Temper is a habit that will grow like a monster, if not curbed.
  2. Remember:  Bad Temper will destroy you, if you don’t destroy it, first.


“Realize” and “Conclude”, YOU HAVE TO DESTROY YOUR BAD TEMPER, first and now.


Step III


“Realize” the reasons which bring you into a mood of: A Bad Temper.  Scan the reasons and deliberate over them.  Take your time and deliberate over those reasons. You will “realize”, out of the ten reasons which cause you to be bad-tempered, seven are directly created by you.  Warm and encouraging conclusion!  Only three reasons are beyond your control.  Do the following:

  1. Tackle  the  seven  reasons  which  you  create  and  hype  yourself  to   invite: A Bad Temper.


Bad Temper is basically the by-product of – moodiness, indiscipline, unfocussed thinking, fear, haphazard instructions, impulsive nature, a cluttered mind stretching itself beyond its capacity of achieving.  Faithfully, go through the above traits.  Faithfully, see if you have any of these negative elements. “Realize” and “Conclude” that it is in your best interest to get rid of them.  Treat yourself as a special beautiful person.  Glance at your good points.  Look at your strengths.  Feel good and strong.  Now, think, if those negative elements you could get rid of, you would get stronger and your existing good qualities could sparkle even more!


In time, you will be a changed person; calmer, sturdier, stabler.  You will “feel” the inner-calm, inner-sturdiness, inner-stability.  As for those factors, which are beyond your control – you will be able to face them with greater fortitude, and intelligence.  In other words, you will always be holding a winning ticket to face most situations.


Geeta Chhabra


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