Lessons of Knowledge

“Out of one thousand, one seeks Me; and out of one thousand that seek me, one knows Me.”



Whenever I have read the above lines, I want to read them again and again; the individual quest in me is energized and my faith is stimulated beyond words.  I feel these lines are exclusively meant for me and yet, at the same time, I also feel they are intended to provide opportunities for all those I love.  Requiring focus, Lord Krishna’s preachings are crystal-clear.  Now it is a matter of only: 1) realizing and 2) surrendering.  The first part – realizing – comes when we are able to visualize the most magnificent and vital importance of God.  God Who makes every moment of our lives. God Who is our pulse, our sound, our cause, our reason.  As I write these lines: with a hundred rainbows in my mind and heart, I am reading once again, the chaste words of Lord Krishna… my own Lord Krishna.  “Out of one thousand, one seeks Me;” this fact openly declares how privileged I am! Because I am seeking Him.  How can I remain restrained!  I must move on and not undermine my winning position; I must not let these sacred utterances go unrecognized by me.  Since, He is every moment of my life Who is my pulse… my sound… my cause… my reason… I must surrender truly and completely to Him in a manner of conduct that in all situations I am able to see Him by my side.  Thereby, out of one thousand that seek Him, I will be the one who will know Him.


Geeta Chhabra


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