Coming From My Heart

When all our acts begin to form the features of “working only for God,” the results are constantly supplied by the abounding dependence upon God. What is best, the abounding dependence quickly converts into a systematic configuration of vitality and even intuition. A pureness of purpose sets in, because the portals of our acts take on new dimensions. I say, “I do not work for X,Y,Z, anymore. I work only for God, now.” Wow! What a post to achieve for oneself! I have simply declared: I-WORK-FOR-GOD. Personally, my inner-self immediately responds to this declaration with a renewed zeal, containing an exceptional flavour. Here, what do I exactly mean when I state that I am not working for X,Y,Z, anymore, and I work only for God, now? Does it convey a clear disconnection with all my relationships which weave into the fabric of my everyday’s existence? Does my newly acquired approach falsely support a brewing arrogance? Have I dangerously steered myself to the path of an expanding ego? On the contrary. Spreading out like sunshine, my heart tells me with certainty that I can never fail in anything, if I am working only for God! He is Almighty Who is a continuous rendering of success. He has no pauses; no failures. His powers and depths are limitless, and since He is Ever-Knowing and Omnipresent, He will make sure that I succeed in whatever I do, as long as I do it in His name. This point of view by itself, engages me to make a fine head-start.


Geeta Chhabra



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