Till Today…

Till today… I remember my mentor, Professor Nissim Ezekiel. How can I forget him? He gave tremendous support, and so much time to me and everyone I saw coming to him for help.  That was the nature of this wonderful human being.  I believe, he wanted to create writers… new writers and poets.  I know that he influenced me to ‘carry on writing poems without a break’…. though, I did give breaks.  His hopeful words keep ringing in my ears!


Because of Nissim Ezekiel’s the deep interest in how he reviewed my work, I learned so much.  At the P.E.N. Centre of Mumbai, we sat for hours.  He encouraged me to produce ‘something’, from time to time.  My mentor strengthened my dreams.  He put a rainbow’s ribbon around my dreams… thank you Professor!


Geeta Chhabra


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