Recovering from a 'Sports Injury'

I was virtually home-bound for 6 weeks, and even, today, I am keeping my daily routine following a string of rules. So, all of the last 4 months in the city of Mumbai, gave me time to not only heal, physically, it gave me ample opportunity to ponder on other aspects of my life. This injury has been an eye-opener for me to reflect on how much I have done of this and that in life... and what should be my future goals.


My home was quieter now, the family was on summer vacation. You miss them, but, you are happy that they are happier for the well-deserved holiday.


The X-Ray did not show what the MRI, finally showed. The near-excruciating-pain in my right leg was not stopping; my overall medical profile was excellent, now what had happened? Complex Meniscal Tear had happened. This can occur with people over-exerting, over-exercising.  It can come from a fall, from an accidental twist.  It will happen with natural ageing process.


My knee cartilage is fine. Bones are fine. Muscles are fine. Tests were very comforting.  But my situation was not.  Immediately, Physio was recommended by Dr.  A. Joshi.  I began my sessions at the Breach Candy Hospital.  Dr. Toral Dagali & Dr. Sujata Wagle  (her superior) studied the prescribed instructions by Dr. A. Joshi, and they went through all my reports, and began the sessions. 


I learnt the exercises in about 15 days, and do them daily. Another person who helped me was Dr. Thejas Thomas – a certified person with MPT (Master of Physiotherapy Degree), who takes up visits to the residence of patients.


The treatment demands: Quadriceps and Hamstring muscles to be strengthened, and the exercises are helping in the process. The full recovery can take up to 3 months. As a precaution, some basic points have to be observed, for a lifetime. I must avoid climbing too many stairs.  I must not carry heavy bags.  I must not overdo my exercises.  Whilst walking, not to take sharp and fast turns. I must lose 5 kgs of weight.


I have in total 30 exercises to tone up my entire body... the back, the arms.  My walks at the beautiful facility in my building have commenced, but I can't behave like a teenager!  No more of those 8 kilometer walks!  I can walk 2 kilometers, and gradually increase the activity. I am addicted to walking!


If I lose 5 kgs of weight, it will do me a world of good. I must!


I am extremely proud of the medical facilities in India. The doctors are very sharp with their diagnoses. 


India could be an excellent destination for medical treatment.  Perhaps it already is.

Shine! India.

Geeta Chhabra


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