A Principle of Wisdom

What is probably the best gift we can give ourselves is a regular and a thorough medical checkup.  That way, we can eliminate many troubles from festering further or ordering us to go through an ordeal for nothing.  Our body can become a burden if we neglect it.  Our body becomes a burden when we harass it.  A wise man loves his life.  In the contemplation of medical advancement, it is like being surrounded by angels (good doctors) manning their magical machines!  We are lucky generations in this respect and we should avail of the advantages.


The way I look at the subject of body-health-medical tests – it is this way: Rule No. 1: Never become your own doctor.  Certainly, most certainly, listen to your body.  If you are not feeling that well or that great – please, see your doctor and not engage in the exercise of guessing or delaying.  You are not the expert, and therefore, go to the expert.  I mean, the doctor.


Rule No. 2:  Treat your annual medical check-ups as inseparable from your body as you are from your body.  If a follow up of a particular test is required as a result of the annual medical assessment – follow the subsequent test with seriousness.


Rule No. 3: If in doubt of your ailment and medication, a ‘second’ opinion can be useful in removing your mental tension, thus, creating the right balance between you and your medication.


This article is the synthesis of my own experiences as a wife and mother.  It is believed that we become wisest from our experiences!  You know, I am not a doctor.


Geeta Chhabra


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