The Changing Game

Multitude of indicators in our lives show the impermanence in everything. 


Money.  Youthfulness.  Health.  Weather.  Situations.  Relationships.  Everything is subject to change.  Although such changes are known to all of us, very few of us apprehend the reality… which explains why the majority of us live in a state of myth.


A learned man becomes airborne with ‘freedom’ when he realizes that nothing is permanent in life.  The only permanent thing to leave traces will be our good deeds because they can set off a chain reaction of positivity around our environment.


Very often ‘freedom’ is achieved by us through the process of going through the grid of bitter disappointments.  When we go through the grief of our disappointments, it is then, sometimes, we get the jolt to grasp the hopeless romance we have been carrying on with: earthly desires.


Geeta Chhabra


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