My mentor, Nissim Ezekiel (who helped me start my journey with my pen and poems) reminded me over and over again:  "Anything is possible in life."


To many of my queries which I put across to him, his reply was simply:  "Anything is possible in life."


A truly unforgettable literary icon who left me spellbound with every word he uttered on English literature, this repeated statement of his left me baffled; often, a great ferment of resentment stirred within me, and I wondered if he was being casual, even lazy to give me the correct answer.


Now, I see a priceless value in what the muse of poetry had shared with me...


Did any of us ever, ever, ever imagine a year, like, 2020?


The current pandemic is a harsh reality on earth, proving, "Anything can happen in life!"


Geeta Chhabra


(From Lockdown Collection)


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