Lines on Attitude

I would never get discouraged when any member of my family said to me “Why do you keep shutting the lights off in the rooms within just for a few minutes?  After all, I was coming back to the room.”  To that, I was quick to respond by saying, “Well, when no one is there, why keep the bulbs burning and the bills high for nothing?”  More than evaluating the person, I evaluated the situation and the results.  My reason for such an exercise was not the electricity bill, alone; it was a logical response to save, preserve and make correct use of resources given to me by my dear husband and our fatigued Planet.  Faithfully, this habit has carried me to other noticeable aspects of my life, in general.  I think, before the habit was formed, the attitude was already there.


The way an attitude takes place in us:  What are the chief causes that prescribe certain attitudes in us? Environment?  Parental Influence? The Gene-Factor? Even:  Karma?  Actually, we are facing the consequences of our attitudes by the hour; how we respond to our daily situations, how we react to our circumstances, what lessons we learn out of our mistakes, how we will manage our long-term, short-term goals, what is our behaviour towards our family, friends, acquaintances.  All these scenes are bound, directed, produced by our event-manager (each of us, has one) called: ATTITUDE.


Why can’t we pass our tests by correcting our attitudes?  The wise man does.  The unwise will never.

Geeta Chhabra


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