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Query – Minerva White from Mumbai asks, referring to the Prose-Piece – The Blame Game (December Issue 2010). Minerva White states: This is true, the closet to your heart you mostly encounter on a day to day basis are trapped in this “BLAME-GAME”.  They try to drag you along with their insecurities and make you the “scapegoat” of their doing.  How do you tackle this situation, without having a heated argument?  The more you stay calmer the more they persist.  Do you have an answer for them or you just stay as far as can be?


Answer – Minerva, what you express is a frequent reality.  Now, how not to be trapped in this “Blame-Game”?  Now, how not to become a “scapegoat” of others’ doing?  Does one have a heated argument to prove the logical point?  Or does one stay as far as one can be?


The long term gain lies in mastering a convinced strategy of handling such situations because they will reoccur from time to time at any places of home and work.  To conquer an opponent who is unreasonable, we have to conquer ourselves, first.  The victory-game is about averaging a stand which is firm, patient, consistent and possessing a deeper understanding of reaching out, especially those who are closet to your heart.  These qualities can be swiftly cultivated with the introduction of spirituality becoming a way of life for us.  This may sound lofty or a ridiculously boring proposition.  The methods adopted through the divine norms are scientific and so effective that life becomes an exciting game to pursue challenges!  We have great saints and philosophers on the universal-level to prove the fruitful results through their own examples of researching.  Spiritual grounding will minimize the chances of being trapped in “The Blame Game” or being made a “scapegoat”.

Geeta Chhabra


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