The Peace Formula

On her own accord, without resistance, a very closely known person was telling me, crying, how miserable she was. “I wish, my end would come quickly with some disease. My daughter-in-law doesn’t respect me, because my husband doesn’t think anything of me. I know, I’m useless. I’m so lonely and empty in every way, every day.” Literally, those words took me aback, because this is not what I had thought of this person’s life to be. To the fullest extent, I wanted to ease her pain immediately. To a moderate extent, I had a relationship to advice her not to lose herself in such a way. My offering of consolation came in these words. “Please, calm yourself and take a pen and paper and write down all that you have in life.” I had just about finished my line, when pat came her reply, “I have everything except peace.” “Ah, that’s another matter, but in less than 30 seconds you seem to be having everything, except peace,” I said to her with a light laugh. The lady looked at me hard and retorted back, “Yes, I have everything except peace and I’m miserable, very miserable.” I responded, “Why don’t you attempt to find peace?” “How do you find peace? Where do you find peace?” She asked. Both are a million-dollar-questions. How do you find peace? Where do you find peace? Peace lies within us and the best way to scoop it out and “feel” it, is through meditation. I began to see the results of meditation through the teachings of my revered guru Sri Sri Paramahansa Yoganandji. I do not mean to sound brash, but with every small child-step, the results have been like giant-leaps. By regularly meditating, the quality of life improves. In a positive way, one becomes unconcerned, untroubled, unattached. Peace follows Peace! Meditation is a kind of an art, and its fundamentals rest on certain scientific techniques. Indian seers mastered these scientific techniques of meditation, then passed on the techniques, and the captivating results to those who wanted their lives to be directed by peace. The art of meditating does not come in one day, or in one month. The mind and body need to be still and to get the right control, we need to train ourselves, by specific methods. We can celebrate in the fact, that the great saints have done all the ground-work for us. We simply need to follow the rules. Thanks to God and Gurus: Peace Is Achievable.


Geeta Chhabra


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