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The Al Maktoum Foundation was started in Dublin, Ireland in 1997 under the royal patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and the Minister of Finance & Industry of UAE.  The initiatives and programs of Al Maktoum Foundation are benefitting communities, worldwide.  The work carried out is enormous – from construction of schools, orphanages, mosques, to medical support to children with special needs to medical equipment and supply – as well as drilling of water wells to providing financial aids to various charities – the list is huge. 


The humanitarian projects running under Al Maktoun Foundation are spread far and wide – from UAE to Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain.  To cite a few examples:  series of water wells have been built in Africa and Pakistan.  In Australia – centre for Arabic and Islamic studies has been established.  In Sudan, four high schools and a university college have been founded.  In Mexico carpentry, bakery and female tailor shops were opened to give opportunities to people to pursue their vocational interests.  In India, Al Maktoum Foundation has sponsored schools for the tribal children and those under-privileged kids who are living in the rural regions. 


The vision of Al Maktoum Foundation believes in the empowerment of women. The smiling proofs of the vision are the summer and winter school programs conducted for the Emirati girl students in Dundee-Scotland.


The diarist has witnessed the popularity of the summer and winter school programs by directly inter-acting with the student-community at events held in Zabeel Palace, Dubai.


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