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Higher nature is spiritual in content.  This sounds complicated… very complicated to most of us.  Some of us want to believe that God is the essence of all physical existences and mental ideas.  But, after going beyond this – again it becomes hard to grasp, and who has the time to go into depth about the cosmic veil, and who has the patience to know the difference between the perishable and imperishable elements!  Only, yogis – learned sages can see the mysteries of the universe – that’s the conclusion we adjust with.  Yet, we feel as wise as the yogis!  I do it all the time.  I become wise by reading something and proclaiming to myself that I already knew about it.  Yes, of course, I knew about it.  But how much did I retain to practice?  Yes, of course, I knew – it is wrong to lie.  I knew – it is wrong to hurt people.  I knew – I must be helpful by nature.  I knew – I must exercise patience.  I also knew – I must be fair in my judgments.  However, as I go past my daily life, I realize: what I know, I fail to achieve, quite often.  I can see, somewhere, things are going wrong and the great influence of ‘knowing’ is not blending well enough with the ethical values of truthfulness and compassion, somehow.  Considering the bondage of human nature – my example could be the example of many, many adults like me.


Children… school-going-children illuminate their own state of features.  The whole world is a new world for them.  They are tender of age, mind, heart; they are not so much in the bondage of human nature, yet.  They are more impressionable, moldable and sensitive in grasping the world of objects.  Because, they are additionally receptive – the methods of inculcating good ethics in them can gain effective and direct experience through classes conducted on: Spirituality.  When these kids are involved as groups to recapitulate the essence of simple rules of living – the end-result will begin to give them knowledge: turning into spiritual wisdom.  Regularity will nourish their souls.  Society will reap the benefit.


Educators must see the distinguishing marks of our ancient gurukuls that inspired able kings to send their offspring to such establishments, for the purpose of learning and character-building.  Our present-day educational setup in India must come back to the same gurukul ways.  Along with other advancements, the importance of spirituality must be revived in the form of classes to be held in schools.  I know, it is not easy because pupils are already over-weighed by the pressure of school activities and competition in studies.  As long as school-founders and managers can see and implement the essence of spirituality for their population, they will have become winners of our society’s future.  We all know that our present day lives are riddled with intense conflicts.  The heat of this is felt by growing children, too.  Spirituality for our children will be healing; spirituality will act as a guiding lamp.  We, as adults, will feel much better for them and for ourselves.  After all, what is spirituality?  It is full devotion to each other through the divine code.  Spirituality in all its deeds shows love for God.


As for me, there is no contradiction in the point that what I know is mere knowledge.  What I know and practice converts into spiritual wisdom.  To cultivate spiritual wisdom, I will continue to try, try, try again… and what I am gaining… I will give demonstrations of it by ever-believing in the power of: One God.  One Truth.


Geeta Chhabra


gurukul – The Sanskrit word guru means ‘teacher’ or ‘master’; kul means domain from kula – meaning ‘extended family’.


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