The Gold Mine

Dr. Howard C. Cutler a psychiatrist by profession from Phoenix, Arizona, first met the Dalai Lama in 1982 while visiting India on a research grant to study Tibetan Medicine.  In his book, The Art of Happiness, Dr. Howard C. Cutler writes: In recent years there have been many studies that support the idea that developing compassion and altruism has a positive impact on our physical and emotional health.  In one well-known experiment, for example, David McClelland, a psychologist at Harvard University, showed a group of students a film of Mother Teresa working among Calcutta’s sick and poor.  The students reported that the film stimulated feelings of compassion.  Afterward, he analyzed the students’ saliva and found an increase in immunoglobulin-A, an antibody that can help fight respiratory infections.  In another study done by James House at the University of Michigan Research Centre, investigators found that doing regular volunteer work, interacting with others in a warm and compassionate way, dramatically increased life expectancy, and probably overall vitality as well.


Dr. Howard C. Cutler further states: Another survey by Allan Luks, conducted with several thousand people who were regularly involved in volunteer activities that helped others, revealed that over 90 percent of these volunteers reported a kind of ‘high’ associated with the activity, characterized by a feeling of warmth, more energy, and a kind of euphoria.  They also had a distinct feeling of calmness and enhanced self-worth following the activity.


My dear Readers, from the most practical point of view – this looks: The Gold Mine!  Let’s enhance our enhancement and dig for gold!


Geeta Chhabra


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