The Vedic Trail

The division of society has had its origins from the Rig Vedic period. This division was healthy and not rigid – as it became later on. Initially, the meaning of the caste system was based on a person's occupation and not on his birth. It is also believed that inter-marriages were allowed among society members during this ancient era.


But later on, caste system developed evil strains. What was earlier bringing about a disciplined division of labor and balancing economic growth, became a demonic frame of exploitation. Brahmins – the      priestly class became greedy for power, and made their own rules to dominate society. A tussle also broke out between the Kshatriyas (the warriors) and Brahmins, and in the whole scheme of things,  the Vaishyas (the agriculturists, traders) and the Sudras who did the menial jobs, these two classes suffered the most, especially, the Sudras – who were branded as: Untouchables.

Geeta Chhabra


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