A single day can show dominant themes to mark our journeys. Mysticism and fantasy can weave into realities of a human’s life.  This will come to pass. That has already come to pass. We are travelling on to reach the inns… of our varied destinations. To me, the span of my existence comes from nods and frowns.


For me, the course is like a forest’s realm from where mysteries of my lifetime begin to reveal themselves to me – claiming my imagination to ask more and more questions. I don’t think anyone will ever get all the answers! And neither will our questions stop.


In this scenario, I search for energy around my environment. Within the framework of my routine, I understand that I must create and recreate ‘new’ life. Otherwise, I will go cold and redundant.  I believe in signs. I look for signs where my voyage stretches on and on… with my heart’s beliefs.  I search for the truth within me.  Answers? The answers help me to master my strategies. The answers dazzle my eyes.


As a way of life, and fulfillment, I know that the state of being in love is a blessing. I am aware: to be loved and to love is the greatest gift. I don’t think true love can ever be destroyed by any force on earth.  However, true love cannot be taken for granted; it should not be taken for granted. That would amount to blasphemy! By that, I also refer to the adoration we have for the Supreme.


Our love is tested; relationships are tested – we have to wait in silent patience… in our own humble pride. I am always looking for knowledge of what I intend to do in order to nurture more and more a relationship – I am cherishing. I consider sincerity to be the soul of any lasting affiliation.  I know my efforts have always paid good dividends… my chalice is brimming….

Geeta Chhabra


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra


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