During A Stay in Delhi – At Hyatt

One morning at breakfast, a white man, directly opposite my table was conspicuously taking away my attention. He had something like seven types of breads – muffins, croissants, rolls, puffs, toasted slices on his plate.  The plate was over-loaded!


The man was lean as a needle and I was wondering on his lucky physical mechanism. As I was thinking on this – in a jiffy, he got two large white napkins on his knees, and got busy stacking up all of what he had on his plate.  In a few moments, he transferred the sizeable booty in a cloth hand bag by his side.


Our eyes met, he knew I had seen his act, he left the dining room with a very easy gait.


I was amused.
I was perplexed.
I was certainly baffled.


I wondered if this would be the lunch and dinner for the day for this guy!


It was in that order my mind was racing.


But, then, I thought – he might have taken the breads to feed the odd number of beggar-kids – we come across while driving past the capital.

Geeta Chhabra


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