While I ponder… I share… with you my thoughts...

Life is full of fascinating twists and turns. Every day dawns upon us as a new mysterious way of unfolding the seen and the unseen! 


The great masters wrote in depth about the secrets of life, and how, for example, Krishna and Rama had been anointed to walk on earth. 


You and me are householders on a different course of our ‘individual’ journeys.  Accordingly, we have to follow different sets of vocational training programs and duties befitting our positions.


I can reach wonderful heights… if only… if only… I could surrender myself to the divine principles which the great masters spoke of.  My day to day action and activities have to be similar in spirit like the great master’s philosophy… this is the fastest way for me to reach the wonderful heights I am talking about.


I am not in a state of vanity-pronouncing-spree when I say: we can become one with the masters! We can become one with our Maker!

Of course we can!




Through the boundless energy of our ardent faith, gratitude and prayer. 

Geeta Chhabra


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