The ‘Circulating’ Content

The Internet has also achieved a measure of distinction in the way to deliver to us a continual stream of ‘circulating’ content – some of it is of the stature which can be confirmed as purposeful.  I know… I know… that there is on a disastrous scale purposeless material! 


Presently, I am referring to the meandering matter we enjoy over a glance with an affectionate cup of coffee in hand.  The work may be brief – but it is precise and committed to tell you what you must take from it.  I mean from the internet.  It may not offer you any literary phrases to penetrate into your mind; the text sent out may be a light incidence of humour; or an example of a joke you had heard before and now again it has reached you to provide laughter.  Many a times, none of us really know from where the ‘circulating’ content has “originally” originated.  For heaven’s sake – who has the time to find that out!  The meaning is got, the beauty is drawn, an undercurrent of suitable emotions tells you to forward it to those who will appreciate the aim.  In nature some of it can make you chuckle, while another piece can lull you through its awareness.  The final image will reveal that the same ‘circulating’ content is generously extended by its own strength.  Here’s one of its own kind:


Some Old Men Can Still Think Fast!




An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm for several years.  He had a large pond in the back. It was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic tables, and planted some fruit trees of apples and peaches all around.  One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn't been there for a while, and look it over.  He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit.  As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee.  As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women enjoying a dip in his pond.  He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.  One of the women shouted to him, ‘We're not coming out until you leave!'  The old man frowned, 'I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked.'  Holding the bucket up he said, 'I'm here to feed the alligator...'

Geeta Chhabra


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