On Paramahansa Yogananda

Just as: no ordinary person can be justly called a master, similarly, very few are fortunate to find a master whose guidance will take them towards the path of salvation.


My beloved master (guru), Paramahansa Yogananda ji continues to bring me strokes of fortune – day by day by day.  In response to my small efforts, the guru’s kindness enables me to recognize the ultimate and supreme power of God.  All true masters – no matter what their religion has been, speak the same Truth through their teachings.


Here are some sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda ji which I’d love to share:


“Doesn’t the Lord shower His grace more abundantly on certain men than on others?” a student inquired.  Paramahansa answered: “God chooses those who choose Him.”


“What is the best prayer?” a disciple inquired.  Paramahansa said: “Say to the Lord: ‘Please tell me Thy will’.  Don’t say: ‘I want this and I want that’, but have faith that He knows what you need.  You will see that you get much better things when He chooses for you”


A student complained to Paramahansa that he could find no work.  The guru said: “Do not hold that destructive thought.  As a part of the universe, you have an essential place in it.  If necessary, shake up the world to find your work!  Don’t give up and you will succeed”.


Geeta Chhabra



Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda – In 1946, Yoganandaji published his life story, Autobiography of a Yogi. The book has since been translated into twenty-five languages. In 1999, it was designated one of the "100 Most Important Spiritual Books of the 20th Century" by a panel of spiritual authors convened by Philip Zaleski and Harper Collins publishers.
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