Seasons of Observation

When I am kind and considerate to others, I am kind and considerate to myself.


However, in my moments of kindness and consideration, I must have the keen eye to observe the nature of the people, I deal with.  They are going to be different, just as I am different from them.


Moreover, there is more than meets the eye, and in the end, because there are some who will be masked personalities, conniving opportunists, or taking-it-for-granted-individuals, I must be vigilant.


With such people, even if you leave all the windows of your heart open for them, they will never find any of your gestures – good enough.  More generally, they will want to take a ride on someone's back.  For them, morals and morality are not even mere matters!


It is not easy to see how they are looking at life.


Unfortunately, they have already lost the ability of fair thinking.

Most sadly, they are devoid of genuine warmth, love, respect for themselves.  If they are showing some of those qualities to me, they are faking them.  Those displays are fake.


With the best will in the world, they will 'show' they are good human beings.  Their work is tidily wrapped in lies, their lying is a way of life for them.


They are like empty vessels.


True for all time, how can they give me anything, when they have nothing to give?

Geeta Chhabra


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