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I never thought the event at the Trident in Mumbai would be so purposeful.  Once the three speakers began the program, I found myself taking very eager notes on the holistic approach of healing our soul.  I would definitely use the term "soul" because that is what Pema Wellness Resort in Visakhapatnam – in India is all about… this is the  destination for cleansing, healing, nurturing: Body.  Mind.  Spirit.


Dr. S. N. Murthy and Ms. Meena Mulpuri talked about the importance of fighting the challenges of our lifestyles which are laden with stress and toxins.  It is true, our society is trapped between our habits and circumstances.....  


Man has made the world messed up in numerous ways.  Our fast lives, wrong habits,  junk foods, combined with the plastic-age having entered as our every-day- company… the toxins are getting layered on our internal organs. We need to mend our ways, and take all the urgent precautions to save our health from ailments.


At Pema, they treat patients suffering from obesity, diabetes, hyper tension, chronic headaches, asthma, joint ailments. These are only some of the diseases or disorders. Dr. S. N. Murthy is a veteran in the field of natural therapies – I could have listened to him and Ms. Meena Mulpuri for hours, really. They follow the old and wonderful techniques which India is renowned for – Yoga, meditation, massages are a part of the schedule for the guest at their healthcare resort.


Dr. Harshad R. Mehta shared with the audience – his own experience at Pema.  Seeing is believing.  He has lost weight, he seemed full of renewed spirit, and he praised Pema to no end!


Mr. Ramesh Khanna, and Ms. Tanveer Barot who are associated with the 7Cs Group, anchored the whole program very well.  Ramesh Khanna added verve to the program by welcoming Dr. S.N. Murthy, Ms. Meena Mulpuri and the audience.


Dr. S. N. Murthy is a senior practitioner of Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupressure and Acupuncture in India.  He has been awarded "PATANJALI AWARD" by the Government of Karnataka.  He has authored several books on various topics of Naturopathy, and his books are based on extensive research.


Pema Wellness Resorts is associated with Meena Mulpuri which is registered with the CIN U45400DL2008PTC176328.  Meena Mulpuri talked on nutrition, and she was appointed director in Pema Wellness in 2012.


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