Sharing – A Very Distinctive Message From Maghanmal J. Pancholia…

Respected Geeta Chhabra,


Thanks very much for your valued email and fond greetings which I like to reciprocate.


Sorry for delayed reply but in the meantime I tried to contact your good self on mobile but probably you were out of station.


It is very nice of you to expect my thought on an important subject. The year of giving and what the concept means to me.  But Geetaji I am not a good writer.


However, I have prepared my thoughts and enclosing herewith. You may amend or simplify where necessary.


With high regards,


Maghanmal J. Pancholia


The Art of Giving
(A piece sent by Maghanmal J. Pancholia)


1. Lord bless me with Thy grace so that I may share Thy gift of life with Thy fellowmen.

2. With Thy grace let me learn the art of giving with faith, joy, humility and compassion.

3. Enable me to share things; and also the precious gift of thought, love, kindness, understanding, sympathy, tolerance, happiness, forgiveness, hope and comfort.

4. With Thy grace, let me give the gifts of inspiration ideas, vision, ideals, aspirations, harmony, encouragement and gift of time for helping my fellow countrymen.

5. With Thy grace let my life become the gift of a good man – towards the community and the loyal citizens of the country.


Geeta Chhabra



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