A Poem of Windows
(New York)

Across my window sill,
over the piled up
sheet of armour ice;
the untidy backyard lit
a hundred candles,
while the night danced
a waltz,
warming up the cockles
of my memory lane.

Midway, even before
soft landing,
and briefly settling
on the newly erected window panes...
snow flakes made it
to my temple-heart,
as flash-backs gently collided
with my present
journeying jocund days!

Finished scenes of a limpid past:
in silence conjuring
with this present hour.
Swinging victories.
Unfinished Psalms.
Kindled reminders: searching,
gathering lyrical notes,
all for: forgotten songs.
Lighting up our windows’ brand-new-frames!


Geeta Chhabra

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