A Thought: For A Thought


Do you know why we are in conflict?
Because we miss love.


There is no crueler curse than wars
Upon wars!
How easily even more –
We have slipped into the darkest ages!
All those trades that give rise to greed and vices
Must be brought to an end.
The cost of conflict is too much!
The loss of lives is simply unbearable!
The way the world’s young have gone astray –
They are trapped in zones missing love.
That’s why we are in this state of conflict.


The blizzard has struck up its own obscurity.


May we all find light.
May we never break our principles.
May we cultivate the grounds where life can flourish.
May we never think of guns, firebombs.
May we never set up landmines.
May we show tolerance towards all religions.
May we never destroy any House of God.
May we consider schoolchildren as our sacred future.
May we treat our civilians as comrades.
May we bring in the process of peace – everywhere.
May we never see darkness descend upon anyone.


Let’s simply embrace love.
Because we are missing love.



21st February 2015


Geeta Chhabra


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra


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