As Far As I Realize

If I truly want to maximize on the quality of my life – the best choice I have is to bring in the role of spirituality in my day to day life.  This is an open choice before me, especially if I want to insulate myself from the adverse effects of worldly living.  The insulation will save me from a premature wear-and-tear and this in turn makes me a purposeful human being.


Just as a proper diet is required for nourishing my body, in the same way, adopting the norms of spirituality are most essential to position my soul in an evolving mode.  I know spirituality has transformed my ways of perception like magic.  The experiences get better and better and I am able to feel a great awakening, within.  The real thrill comes in ‘practising’ rather than in merely reading and preaching.  Slowly, the ‘practising’ converts into a blossoming venture!  Already, an unreasonable opponent is looking not so unreasonable.  The son appears dear and respectful.  An errant worker is responding well, finally.  Future fears are appearing absurd.  The mood is restful.  Inward silence is soothing.


There are so many sages around the world who have documented the meaning of spirituality – by their own examples.  Through their scientific understanding of life, they show us the deepest and the easiest ways how our minds can find enlightenment.  The real self says: I am love, I am peace, I am harmony.  I am victory.


Geeta Chhabra



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