I am j-u-s-t a joking!

Leo the lion was swaggering down the forest and confronting each animal turn by turn.  “Tell me, who’s the king of the forest?”  He asked Gawky the giraffe.  “You are the king,” replied Gawky.  “Who’s the king of the forest?”  He asked Jacky the jackal.  “You are, of course.” replied Jacky.  Every animal gave the same answer, until the lion confronted Ellie the huge elephant.  “Who’s the king here?”  The lion asked, blocking the elephant’s path.  With a blast from his trumpet the elephant picked the lion up in his trunk, threw him in the air, caught him, dashed him against a tree couple of times and then flung him over a ditch.  “Alright”, said Leo the lion dusting himself off.  “You don’t have to get nasty just because you don’t know the answer!”


Geeta Chhabra



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