During my childhood, my mother played a pivotal role in grooming me culturally. She told me stories of sages and kings who through their research work – tapasya – and nobility guided ordinary mortals to lead honourable lives.  I believe she laid the basic grounding for me to realize that faith in God can be pieced together in many ways.  My family’s association also overlapped with humanists who followed spiritual traditions.  In this environment, I found the expression of reaching out to God by singing and much later in life, composing poems.  Thick and fast, I tell myself: never give up on God, because God never gives up on us.  I freshen my faith in Him through my adoration-poems.  I staunchly believe that all true religions of the world stress upon one God.  One and only God.  The Ultimate Supreme.  With this clarity, I am able to nourish my soul.  I see that not a moment of day is surrendered to the night; I also see how naturally night’s recurrence is preserved.  Realizing these facts, as a learner: I am limited, yet unlimited.  I am quenched, yet unquenched.  This ongoing process forges me to pray, thank and write.


From the book:  No Journey Ends by Geeta Chhabra

Geeta Chhabra


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