Wars have always been central to human history.  Somewhere in America, Asia, Europe, Africa or elsewhere, nation after nation has been covered by conflict for different reasons.  Through the centuries no continent has been spared.


I feel: whether it is conducted for survival, salvation, or, for absolute power – the heart of any war is plagued by devastation.  The crucial issue is our helpless acceptance that wars are the only solution, that wars are the only cure for a torturing environment. Good, righteous and intelligent governance is the cure.


In the global context, our present scenario has accumulated a lot of anger and violence.  Just a short distance away from any of us, the embittered force of ungovernable reactions can choose anyone to be the visible victim of hatred.  The interpretation of this fact should raise many questions in our minds because it is an alarming situation for all of us.


I sit in my surroundings, watching the TV reporting the global conflict; I read newspapers, recognizing that this year is passing by with horrific news of death, destruction and human suffering.  Massive human rights violations are taking place.  Innocent civilians are dying.  Conflicts are dragging on.  Human deprivation itself opens so many curses! In the whole scheme of affairs, I know, there are no easy and instant answers.


Worldwide, how have certain sections of people become inhuman?  It is worrying.  It is concerning.  The most toxic conditions have developed – the prevailing conflicts are the greatest tragedies, illustrating that it will take a long time to rebuild human life where everything has turned into rubble: physically and emotionally. 


My sleep, no longer carries restful hours.  I see pallid children clinging to their crying mothers who possess nothing else but hopelessness.  In the chaos of things, families are rudderless with no source of income.  People have been displaced from their homes.  Are we too slow to offer aid and reforms?  Are we too slow in standing up for justice?


I think, there is a basic fault in the method of governance by those who are taking their intentions too lightly.  That’s where and how we have failed each other, and this failure I treat as a personal problem.


Geeta Chhabra


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra


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