Dialogue Matters

My mood fluctuates for a valid reason. Self-contented though I am, I am also very disturbed to see what’s happening around our conflict-ridden world.  Footage from inside the strife-zones reports a bewildering humanitarian crisis.  We are aware that the widespread frenzy has established its hold on so many regions of the globe, thereby causing unimaginable suffering.


I feel there are never any victories in wars. I am perpetually thinking that those who will survive the ongoing ordeal will be seriously tarnished: emotionally and physically.  Quite possibly they have been brutalized by their circumstances to such an extent that they will never be normal again.  How cruel is that!


I realize more and more that we are living in an era of contrasts.  We’ve reached Mars.  We are continuously attempting to enter the record books to beat our previous records! Among so many other feats, medical science has made wizards out of humans – doctors are transplanting newer technologies to improve the health and liberate the spirit of youth in old bodies.


Now our efforts ought to fully concentrate on removing the worldwide wailing burden of conflict and unrest.  Is that only massive wishful thinking? I feel, for the actual business of living, people want simple things: a roof over their heads, three square meals a day, a steady income to support their families, a life of small opportunities which can motivate them to dream.  Every man is entitled to pursue his basic dream.  And the reason why it never happens to millions of people drives me in despair.  For me, the situation is so fearful and complex that I am bound to involve myself in ambiguity if I start topics on war and peace.


Perhaps, I will become wiser and kinder, as I register the hopelessness of the war victims.  But is this a convenient way of thinking that enables me to escape my share of responsibilities? 


Am I not the typical example of a passive bystander!  I don’t know.  The thought makes me dim… yet I believe that we can bring back peace through earnest dialogues. This exercise has to create a confidence… a real confidence to build sense and sensitivity around our condition.


I am not giving up on hope…  I cannot be crushed so easily! My desire to see a peaceful environment must remain buoyant… that light comes from my pen.  For me, my pen is a magnetic force of: Hope.  Hope with a new dawn.


Geeta Chhabra


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra


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