Tick and Click

I believe, most of us are individually very rich, very talented… provided… we get to the top of managing ourselves through honesty and a passion for life.  What this rule has taught me is to see the richness and talent in others.


At a recent 2 days poetry festival organized by SGI-Gulf, I saw individuals who were genuine and alive.  I am referring to the SGI-Gulf Team participating in the event: Poetic Heart Connecting Humanity which took place in Dubai on 4th & 5th February 2017.  The SGI Team has a terrific spirit – everyone knows that!  I must say: Cheers! To Komal Singhal, Roshan Parokkodan, Aakriti Sethi, Amardeep Gogoi and Pankaj Malik.  In particular, when I happened to observe these photographers, I was thinking that they must have brought away an enormous amount of poetic moments in their cameras from the event.  I asked Komal Singhal what made her tick and click? I asked her to send me her answer by email.


What Komal wrote back was quite fascinating. It is a quote of Dr. Daisaku Ikeda which seems to have stirred her, and here I am sharing the quote and her own reasoning to have taken up photography so keenly. 


"This moment will never come again. It comes, it goes, all in an instant, a life-moment. Because we know how precious that instant is, we press the shutter. Photography is an art born of a passionate love of humanity."  - Daisaku Ikeda


Komal wrote: Dr. Daisaku Ikeda describes photography as a challenge of capturing the eternal in the momentary. Photographs "mirror the inner depths of a photographer's life." Therefore, the images that you see are the reflection of a photographer’s life state. 


I perfectly understand the feeling of Komal and her comrades who make the ‘difference.’

Geeta Chhabra


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