Thoughts by Sheen Kaaf Nizam

My interaction with the Urdu poet from India – Sheen Kaaf Nizam at the SGI-Gulf’s Poetry Festival: Poetic Heart Connecting Humanity was very brief.  What Sheen said is worth absorbing.


“If, at all we want to save our culture – we should learn and teach our children what our heritage is.  We are not separatists.  The Planet is our family.  Indians are philosophical by nature.  For example, a tree is a part and parcel of our life.  It is a living entity.  We save the tree for the tree. 

The west wants to save the tree for oxygen.  The wisdom of our philosophy is deep and ancient.  Krishna said, ‘I am the Pipal tree!’  The Pipal is considered supreme among trees for its special virtues.”   


I wish school children in all parts of the world could be taught more what their true heritage is.   Today’s routine of life is full of stress for everyone, and we are missing out on some of the most meaningful features which our lives can offer us.  One of the feature is to know more about our true roots.  Am I right? Yes, I am spot on.  

Geeta Chhabra


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