No one is all bad.  If you hear someone playing a piano that has a defective key, you are inclined to judge the whole piano as bad.  But the fault lies in just one key.  Fit it, and you will see the piano is perfectly good.

                                                               Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda
                                                                               (1893 – 1952)


So wonderfully wise, concise, the pearl-like words of a contemporary saint, philosopher, poet, who has “awakened” worldwide – countless people through his devout example and distinguished experiences.  Ever since, I read the above wordings of my guru, they have had a grasping effect on me.  The meaning seems simple, yet, it is deep.  The lines are an aid to understanding others, better, and that by itself must certainly give leverage to one and all.


There is no reason for us to be over-critical towards those who have not done as much as some of us are accomplishing.  Often, we resist this rationalization, thereby losing out on the entire situation.  An over-decisive mind can claim, “Why is this person still not learning the lesson of life inspite of this-this-this having happened to him?  Why is Miss X’s behaviour usually opposed to gratitude?”  At some point, such constant trot out can become valueless.


To review, let us go back to the first line of the passage.  No one is all bad.  Let us presume a person who is the subject of our discussion; or, shall I say, he is the one who is the source of repeated aggravation.  Is he all bad?  Pat comes the answer “No! I never said that”.  O.K. Then, why not see the validity of good points in that individual, and try working around them in the given situation?  It is tricky and it is trying, but it could well-work.


Forward march, to the second line and the third line.  If you hear a piano that has a defective key, you are inclined to judge the whole piano is bad.  That is absolutely true.  Any piano that has a defective key is bad news.  Fix it, and you will see the piano is perfect.  That’s easy! Cool! Do-able! Without much bother or burden, this approach can deliver trusty results, if applied to people, patiently.


Geeta Chhabra


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