Acts of Refinements

Spiritually, inspired by my divine gurus, I am making an ardent effort to maintain my routine; the illustrative example of my revered, pious guru is turning to account my improvement. 


Our gurus groom us to be sharp and well-poised to go through the manoeuvres of awkward situations by assisting us to face them directly… which means, that without wrecking or weakening ourselves, we are able to find the fair and right solutions for our problems.


Everyday becomes a special day for us because the type of research we begin to do on improving  ourselves reveals that you are wanting to settle for only the best!  You have made the choice of not complicating the journey of your life with unwanted grief, remorse, or restlessness.


Thus, the possibilities of useless hindrances and disputes do not influence you to shirk away with fear, anymore, because you are emotionally wiser in perception.  Your desire for restless activities is also diminishing, largely; you are at peace with your ‘inward and outward’ worlds, enjoying long unbroken periods of contentment and silence.


However, you still realize (which is also of extreme positive value) that you have a long, long, way to go.  This and That can yet unnerve and ruffle your state to some extent; the truth is that images of your ‘old part’ do not stop surfacing to bring out a thin whiff of those unnecessary negative traits.  After all, self-improvement is a slow process.


For instance, the text of a confined situation, yesterday, was by no means trivial in translating unfairness in a large dose having been given to you.  You feel like you were put in a dark room for nothing.  Noted. Very well noted.  But, could I have done better… just a wee bit better in the given setup? To think of it, now, “yes”, comes the answer from: me to me. Yes, I could have done better.  Somewhere, I lost myself in a secret tunnel that literally clawed to take away what I have been gaining day by day.  So! I really drew a precious lesson from the incident. More work is to be done by me to improve myself.


Losing and finding ourselves are acts of refinements; as long as we are able to find ourselves and, also, know what caused us to get lost: are further acts of refinements, containing as rewards more lessons to be learnt in self-realization, so that the rough, uneven creases in our temperaments do not hinder our future growth.


Whenever we are surely right, and the other part, when we are surely wrong, such situations, consciously raise our standards of patience and calm.


The winner takes it all!

Geeta Chhabra


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