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Over 300 ancient manuscripts on Yoga are yet to be deciphered from the vast treasures of India's rich cultural heritage. According to the National Mission for Manuscripts (NNM), around one crore of manuscripts are still to be published – in fact, only a mere 10% of the centuries-old-literature has been published, so far.


NNM has been established in 2003, and what it is achieving is very commendable. Of course, there have been problems in the way NNM was functioning because NNM did productive work only for a few years during its tenure of 13 years – due to a variety of reasons. Moreover, the goals are difficult and complex for NNM.


Dr. N.C. Kar, an expert in manuscripts and coordinating some of the aspects at NNM, says, 'It is not an easy process to decipher centuries old manuscripts. Only scholars trained in ancient languages can transliterated them and publish them in a form and language that is comprehensive for the modern reader. This requires quality human resource and investment.'

Geeta Chhabra


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