Susan’s Story

I sat studying Susan’s face as she spoke.  My friend Susan (name changed) told me her story.  The story was every bit real, not pieces of some fiction.  I was concerned with what was happening to Susan and her family.  As I was listening to her, in a voiceless manner, I was asking God, “Is there curative power in facing tragedy?”  To discover what was going so dramatically wrong in Susan’s life, matched so many true narrations occurring in other people’s lives.  I was mentally making notes how the consequences were playing out their role for Susan.  I could grasp certain facts and get the general picture.  To my relief, my friend from older days, seemed quite intact, because she encouraged me to ask meaningful questions.


One more time, I realized how similar, we, human beings are; how similar our growing and changing lives are.  We are fragile.  We are vulnerable.  We are unprepared.  By that, I mean, who can tell the future?  We are bound by so many circumstances.  Little by little, we are nibbled by new and awkward challenges.  Despite our best efforts, our relationships can tragically end with complicated misunderstandings.  This is not meant to be a negative review.  Simply, Susan’s story possessed the soul of everyone…


I received no bright light in the form of an answer for Susan’s troubles.


Can yours and my story end up like Susan’s story?  I pray and say: I hope not.

Geeta Chhabra


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