The Theory of Acceptance

We have an 'inner voice', or conscience.  All of us have it.  I repeat, all of us have it.  The difference is that some human beings will pay more attention to the inner voice with a combination of wisdom, justice, fearlessness.  Others, may not urge themselves to decipher the truth through the inner voice.


Obviously, even-minded people will see the unifying merits of holding together: wisdom, justice, fearlessness for motivating their lives.  From what we see, it is not easy to simply jump into wisdom, justice, fearlessness.  To summarize their gains, (which have to be pursued with utmost diligence), one has to also accept the Theory of Acceptance.


Dignity of the individual mind upholds the Theory of Acceptance.  But most often, when translated into the negative, our frail and indecisive human emotions can become thoroughly confused.  In this state of confusion, we put up with all the wrong types of acceptances.  This can become habit-forming.  This is where the line has to be drawn.  This is where the beginnings of wisdom, justice, fearlessness have to be put into serious gear….


Geeta Chhabra


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