A Fight Against Child Abuse

The following article appeared in The Hindu, National-Andhra Pradesh Newspaper on 15th August 2014 reviewing the documentary film:  Daughters of Mother India by Vibha Bakshi.

Everyone condemns sexual assaults on children, but rarely one does something to prevent them. Breaking the silence and the routine of lip sympathy for child abuse, senior IPS officer Charu Sinha is making her bit by taking an initiative to raise voice against child abuse.

Presently, Telangana Crime Investigation Department IGP, Ms. Sinha has decided to start Citizens Against Child Abuse by roping in activists, voluntary organisations and media persons.

CACA would raise voice against sexual assaults on minors and spread awareness.

As a first step, a 45-minute gripping film – ‘Daughters of Mother India’ - by Vibha Bakshi was screened at a theatre in Secunderabad on Thursday for schoolchildren, social groups, women organisations and journalists.

The film describing various aspects of sexual offences on women in the backdrop of disturbing Nirbhaya case in Delhi and the consequent changes made in Indian law, stirred up many viewers.

“Idea is to bring together people from all walks of life to campaign against child abuse. This is just a beginning,” Ms. Sinha said. The gist of Vibha Bakshi’s thought-provoking film is to be made into a two-minute capsule and exhibited in theatres to create awareness, she said.

Teaching children how to be cautious with strangers attempting to sexually exploit them was part of the campaign to be undertaken.

Soon after the film was screened, 154 persons enrolled with CACA.

The IPS officer exuded confidence that more would follow and assured future programmes would be decided soon, she said.

IPS officer Charu Sinha’s initiative CACA will raise voice against sexual assaults on minors.

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