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The National Award Winning Film by Vibha Bakshi
(From: A Mother’s Eye)

Hello Readers,


I had to share my thoughts with you. 


I definitely saw a measure of transformation in my daughter, Vibha when she was making: Daughters of Mother India. I might have not seen enough!


As the production of the film completed, Vibha’s mood began diminishing.  The burden of horrific memories of the way Nirbhaya had lost her life… the way five years old, Gudiya, was left to die… seemed to watch Vibha.


Now wherever she saw fresh evidence of a recurring crime – she was losing her peace of mind.


Between the two of us, often, we discussed about the notes of history: the manner in which male dominance has mistreated, and treated the female gender as the “weaker” gender. This is still rampant in every continent.


I think, when a small spark in us becomes a burning flame to lift a social cause: our dreams and our lives become pilgrimages.


This is exactly what happened to Vibha!


Vibha wanted the ‘change’ to happen… for Nirbhaya’s sake. For India’s sake. For the sake of all women in our world.


Today, Vibha is no longer stripped of her energy.  Her faith to do ‘her bit’ is now stronger than ever. 


Her film recently winning the 62nd National Film Award in India as the best film on social issues is an added bonus for her beliefs. 


I wish and hope, my daughter’s film is able to find a way into people’s heart – for the right reasons.



Geeta Chhabra


To know more about: Daughters of Mother India, kindly click on:  http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/62nd-national-film-award-documentary-on-rape-victims-daughters-of-mother-india-wins-best-film-on-social-issues-award/ 




The diarist wrote this piece on 25th March 2015


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