Analysis of Laziness

The way laziness works, or, rather creeps into an individual is that laziness places him wholly within the zone of demotivation.  If the condition is not addressed swiftly, the individual may never be able to stand on his feet.  These lines of warning may sound exaggerated – but try dealing with someone who is lazy!  Surveys have repeatedly shown that failing performance of students can largely be attributed to the major cause of laziness.  Parents who consider themselves as knights in shining armour: offering quick easy options to their indolent children could sometimes be unaware how they are contributing negatively, through their unrequired acts of indulgence.


A lazy person is conducive to idleness.  A lazy person is resistant to work or exertion.  A lazy person is shiftless and unfocussed to consider possible reasons why he is having difficulty to handle his life.  A lazy person expects the moon from others; by habit, he has created a selfish monitor in him that holds him back to maintain long term relationships.


On the other hand, people who have a desire to succeed are continuously getting re-energized by not being lazy.  You find them on top-of-things and they will be keenly industrious.  They will seek help from others only after they have done the main work in detail, themselves.


If we study the non-ending motion of laziness, we will gather momentum to know how potent the condition is to destroy a person’s bearing.  Directly in front of us we have appearing examples in homes and work places. 


In Catholic thought, one of the seven deadly sins is physical apathy or laziness.  In the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, it is stated, laziness can lead to poverty.  Though laziness does not appear in the table of contents of most technical books on psychology, I think, laziness should be considered as a chief demon in hampering a person’s natural progress.  There could be differing views on the extent of who is really a couch potato or a slacker and laziness should not be confused with listlessness due to poor health.  All of us can recall a time, a phase when we are captured by a wave of laziness – a facet of human imperfection!  With so much fighting spirit that each of us have: laziness should not be allowed to rule our lives because work and production are two salient life-giving characteristic of creative human beings – and if these are cut off, it is virtually like cutting off the chord of life, itself. 


The way, I look at it: a good way to start a battle against laziness is by reviewing the day at bed-time.  I mentally go through my activities and observe how I have utilized my time.  I re-think about my overall performance both in my work and leisure.  It benefits me to arrange my goals accordingly in such a way that the duties are not left unattended.  The nightly assessment can give a good direction in not only shaking off laziness, it can almost convert most of us into healthy achievers.  Start a battle against laziness, today!

Geeta Chhabra


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