Our Celestial Heritage

As I approach fresh new sessions of meditation through scientific techniques: awareness again expresses to me that I am in the constant process of receiving ‘something’; and the same ‘something’ goes back bringing ‘more and more’.  The ‘more and more’ prepares me to go into a deeper introspection, which in return sends me a report-card of my spiritual progress.  I must look at the report-card with honour and attention… to take a corrective position against my faults and weaknesses.  What is pulling me down?  What is attributing to my self-improvement?  With such a view, I promote an improved relationship with my own spiritual routine.


Since my spiritual routine also invites singing and chanting, I wanted to solidly establish my roots with these aspects: by a strong understanding.  Relating to my singing… rendering songs of Sur Das, Mira, Kabir, Tulsidas:  such creations assist me to preserve my sweet devotion in its purest form; the ability to ‘feel’ is enhanced.  By singing, I make a gift for myself; this gift implants an extra link between me, my Gurus and God.  At a fast tempo, or a slow tempo, a ‘bhajan’ becomes a product of present-perfect bliss… and who can ever deny true love needs any training!  Therefore, an inner warm approval is altogether applauding me!  I figure out, this is what my beloved Gurudev Paramahansa Yoganandji means by: EVER JOY!


Relating to the subject of chanting, here, I would like to include the prime position of a prayer, as well.  More often than not, in our religionism, or perhaps out of a habit of slackness, we unstintingly dismiss the power of concentration, while practicing the above.  Also, the length of time becomes more important to us; we dwindle into a repetitive oral or silent hum without concentrating on the implied meaning of the chant, or the lines of a prayer.  The notion remains, but the nectar is gone!


At my first session of group meditation, four years ago, the following beautiful lines of a prayer seasoned my unexpressed spaces to start developing.  Saluting to God and all of His saints, the words directed us thus:


Lead us from ignorance to wisdom. 
From restlessness to peace.
From desires to contentment.


Wow! Wait a moment… wait a moment.  Look at each word, feel the meaning. Don’t these lines have the effective value of exerting the endless positive strength and force to set up anyone’s salvation!  To melt into in my soul the release of the meaning is coming… coming… coming… coming surely.  Extremely faithful to its meaning the prayer renounces what should be renounced, and embraces what should be embraced.


Prayers, chants, saintly-songs are like extended shining clusters of precious stones: every word, every portion, reveals the ever-lasting wealth and glory that has been passed on to us.  Every nation possesses this priceless heritage; everywhere the ancient God-filled seers were walking-talking exemplary libraries of deep knowledge and understanding, who left behind their beautiful mark through these modes: to gain peace and God so much so, that a singular line of celestial flavour ‘kirtan’, can fulfill us beyond expectations!  In these cases, excessive or unnecessary refinement is not required. For the one and only God we appeal to is generous, all-knowing and understanding.  He goes by our consistent faith in Him.  Therefore, let’s go with the flow and imbibe the light of our Celestial Heritage!

Geeta Chhabra


Bhajan – a devotional song.

Kirtan – group devotional singing, where at times a singular line may be sung for some duration, again and again.

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