The Great Surrender

There is definitely a kind of mastery needed: when every action of ours begins and ends in performing for God. The arrangement of such a process, if adopted, can break enough shackles which hinder our day-to-day progress. The feeling of accomplishing our goals in the name of God is a very special feeling, and it will only arise when we have recognized the Source to be Whole, and vowed to obtain everything through the Source. In the beginning, this may all look either like an abstract thought, or an enormously complex subject to grasp. But, once pursued with repetitive stride, there is no denying the fact that this proposition of surrendering: Self and all to God is a strategic step for our evolvement, both from the earthly as well as the spiritual angle. Through this high value approach, we have not only visualized all the possibilities of anticipating the prospect of greater freedom, we also become the party to receive His Grace in all respects. When, while retaining a separate identity, we are yet in His constant flow, every moment of ours becomes full of God! Hence, every action performed will be logical, rational; all goals accomplished and the accomplishments delivered at His feet will replace our ego with humility. If the sequence is any indication, good things must automatically follow.


Geeta Chhabra


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