The Thing About Truth

Some people in continuation live by telling lies; their expression will not change, while they are making up a whole story which is fabricated by lies.  To remain standing with fibs, they can switch to swearing in the name of God, a deity, or any darling member of their family.  Those in their chronic condition, may not even realize what they have turned themselves to be.  The final outcome of covering one lie with a few more lies undoubtedly is nothing else, but a bed of thorns.  A lie is an open crypt: awaiting to devour the one who invents a lie.  Word for word, the boy who cried, “Wolf! Wolf,” finally paid with his life for stretching out uncontrollable falsity.


On the other hand, such is the power of truth; that it reconstructs every step we take at the rate to move, positively.  We hold well-flavoured results for ourselves, when in our heart of hearts we naturally respond to: Truth.  Based on this alone, we can become neutral intelligent participants to understand some of the most complex situations that arise before us.


In the mind of truth are truth-seekers! With the freedom of their speech, whatever our ancient seers said, or uttered: became a truth! In their integrity, while seeking the divine path, the sages had realized from the beginning – the multiplicity of dangers in any pattern of speaking a single lie.


Even to-day, I believe we are granted the boom of olden times… let’s keep our relationship with a pure heart and never concern ourselves with lies.  The Universal Law never delays in recognizing our efforts in goodness derived out of truth. If we are believing in good and pure things to be: they will all surely happen!  That’s – The Thing About Truth.


Geeta Chhabra


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